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Bruno Guyot  

Hire a trusted expert to manage and develop your Google Ads campaigns. Performance-based remuneration.

Google Ads campaigns paid by performance

Obsession for results 

By indexing my remuneration on the outcomes, you can be assured that I will go the extra mile.

Formation en entreprise & Conférences

Faites appel à un expert des produits Google (Google Trainer officiel en Suisse) pour vos évènements publics, privés ou en entreprise. Intervention basée sur l’expérience et l’expertise acquise auprès de grandes entreprises dans le cadre d’une activité de conseil.

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+41 77 528 12 15

© 2012-2018 Bruno Guyot SARL

+41 77 528 12 15

Obsession with measurement

Independent, but not alone

Blaise Reymondin

 Bruno Guyot

My method

I track all the interactions that have an impact on your business. But always in compliance with the laws in force.

Obsession with customers

I study your customers and help you to make your offer and marketing more and more relevant through iterative tests.

I work as a duo with Blaise Reymondin, who is also independent. This organization offers you the best compromise: flexibility and greater risk taking than traditional agencies while guaranteeing continuous availability.

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Don't take any chances.

+41 77 528 12 15

Outsource your campaign management and pay for performance

My job is to constantly test and learn new tactics and strategies to bring more performance to my clients. I regularly publish studies and tutorials with the ambition of contributing to the advancement of our industry.

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